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Teaching Experience:

    - Graduate of the Eastman School of Music, 1990.
    - Teaching since 1990.
    - Experience with teaching children (7-12), teenagers (13-18), college level (19-22) and adult students.
    - Expert in body mechanics and resolving pain and tension issues related to playing.
    - Teaching technique is drawn from a variety of methods and styles, including Suzuki method, the teachings of Ivan Galamian, Leopold Auer, William Primrose, and improvisational / Jazz artists such as Jamey Aebersold.

Criteria For Study:

Private violin and viola lessons are offered to students ages 5 and up. No prior experience is necessary. A love of music is required, however!

All About Lessons:

The student will receive high quality instruction. Lessons are offered online through various videoconferencing platforms, in person at a private studio at 287 Ohio St, Bangor, or a hybrid model. I teach daily, Monday through Friday, from 12:30pm to 9pm; Saturdays, from 8am - 3pm. Lessons are available in the following increments:
    - 30 minutes (beginners)
    - 45 minutes (intermediate)
    - 1 hour (intermediate to advanced)

Lesson length is also recommended based upon the age and attention span of the individual.

Students learn basic through advanced playing techniques.
The following styles are available for study:
-Classical (Baroque, Classical, Romantic, Contemporary
-Jazz (beginner through intermediate)
-Fiddle styles (beginner through intermediate):
-Irish Sligo
-Scottish / Cape Breton
-Old Time
-New England
I also teach ear training, music theory, and composition as related to the instrument.


The studio gives one recital a year as practice for Youth Symphony auditions.

Students are also encouraged to participate in groups. The studio does not provide this service, however, several school districts do (Bangor, Orono, John Bapst). For students whose school has no string program, there are two options. Some schools with band and choral programs are willing to include and feature string players with these other ensembles. I am certainly willing to assist with arranging music and writing parts for my students whose teachers are interested in this type of participation. There is also the BSYO (Bangor Symphony Youth Orchestra). This is a full orchestra setting that provides a good ensemble experience for students with no local school options.

Monthly Rates (effective Fall 2020):

Standard monthly rates include a reserved weekly time and all recital fees. Additional discounts may be available for families signing on three or more children. Students are responsible for purchasing their own books.
    Monday thru Friday timeslots:
    - half hour (beginners) ($90 / month)
    - 45 minutes (intermediate) ($122 / month)
    - 1 hour (intermediate to advanced) ($156 / month)
    Saturday timeslots (Averaging three lessons per month):
    - half hour (beginners) ($82 / month)
    - 45 minutes (intermediate) ($112 / month)
    - 1 hour (intermediate to advanced) ($142 / month)

Standard individual lesson rate is $45 per hour. Students paying per lesson choose a lesson date and time from the list posted under the Timeslots Available link. No guarantee is made for availability at any time. Payment is expected at the beginning of the lesson.
    -half hour (beginners) ($25)
    - 45 minutes (intermediate) ($35)
    - 1 hour (intermediate to advanced) ($45)


The 2020 Fall semester starts from Monday, August 31, 2020. The studio is open on all holidays except:

    - Labor Day Weekend
    - Columbus Day Weekend (Saturday through Monday)
    - Thanksgiving break (Wednesday through Sunday)
    - December break (TBD)
    - Memorial Day weekend (Saturday through Monday)


    We live in Maine, so we all know how to drive in reasonable winter weather. Students facing a nasty drive due to poor weather conditions may flip their lesson time instantly to an online lesson. If the weather is very poor and I myself cannot make it in to the studio then all lessons will move online for that day. Unless there is a power outage or other extreme, there is no need for make up lessons. I will post lesson status on my website and usually notify students individually


    Lessons are paid for monthly, payment due at the first lesson of each month. Personal check, money order, cash or Venmo online payments are accepted. Students assume all fees and responsibility for bounced checks. Payments late by four weeks or more forfeit reserved date and time upon notice. Consistently late payments (always made after second lesson of month; constantly having to chase for payment) forfeit reserved date and time upon notice.



    All students are expected to practice. An appropriate practice goal will be set for each student. I cannot teach students who consistently refuse to practice and do not progress.

    Reserving A Spot:

    The monthly lesson fee is a retainer. It reserves a specific day of the week and time slot. The same monthly payment covers months that have five lessons and others that have four or three. Lessons are not pro-rated for students wanting a reserved date and time each week of the month, so please do not ask me to retain the weekly date and time if you are unwilling to pay the monthly fee.


    I do not make up time that the student is late.


    I MUST be notified of an absence NO LESS THAN 24 HOURS IN ADVANCE or the lesson will not be rescheduled. I do not tolerate no shows (no call, doesn't show up for scheduled lesson time). Exceptions include illness or emergency.

    If you must miss a lesson, it is your responsibility to contact me and reschedule. Due to COVID students have access to unlimited online lesson make ups but are limited to one in person make up per semester. There is no guarantee that available make up times will be on days and at times that are convenient for you. I do not financially credit students for missed lessons or issue refunds. All make up time is contingent upon whether or not monthly fees are paid and up-to-date. All decisions on qualifying for make ups rest with the teacher. Time must be taken during posted timeslots during the Fall, Winter or Spring semesters. Extra time is not carried over into the summer semester for credit.

    I am an active performer. If I must reschedule a lesson because of a rehearsal or performance, you will be notified in advance. I do my best to keep such interruptions to a minimum.


    I do not make up time when the student is late.

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